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Before and after

Our Process

What you can expect from us is a crew of two on each truck. This allows us to work more efficiently while doing the job well.

Our professional soap solution is what allows us to clean everything. This is what we use on the house, concrete, or any extras. Each crew member will clean two sides of the house. The sides will be soaped and then rinsed in just the right amount of time for the soap solution to kill the mold. There might be some other stains that remain on the house after our initial basic cleaning service, such as rust stains and strong (red) mold. If any of these stains are noticed before or after the cleaning we will offer a solution to get this cleaned as well.

When it comes to the concrete we use that same solution over all of it. We then use a surface cleaner, which provides a more even clean. We then spray off all of the dirt before it dries back into the pores of the concrete. Often times concrete has a deeper mold which we will spray with a stronger solution and leave it to work. Any extras such as rust removal or an acid treatment would be done after the main surface cleaning has been completed. This is the only way this should be done because the mixing of our soap with any acid does not end well.

The benefit of this process is that it provides the customer a job well done in a timely manner.

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