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Carolina Cleaing Crew Pressure Washing and number.

About Us

Carolina Cleaning Crew Pressure Washing is a family owned company, and we have proudly served the people of the Grand Strand for 15 plus years. We are a year round company. Our office manager (Mike), and our truck leads (Philip & Timothy), strive to make your cleaning needs as efficient and reliable as possible.


Integrity is our mission. Being so close to the beach means people have rental properties, second homes, or are locals that can't physically meet us at the home. We want to be the company you can trust to clean your home whether you're there or not.

Many companies in this area are soft wash. We like to call ourselves a low pressure company which helps prevent any damage to siding, but we do have the ability to use high pressure if we ever needed it. What may set us apart is our process. We soap the entire house first to kill any mold and/or mildew that is growing instead of just spraying off the top layer of mold and/or dirt. We are able to reach up to four stories, so even those hard to reach places can be cleaned without the risk of ladders. In the event a ladder is needed each crew is equipped with one.  

The advantage of us being a year round company is that you get to choose when you want your house cleaned. Whether it is after the spring pollen that covers everything, the unfortunate Fall hurricane that covers the house in dirt, or even just a cleaning before you throw a party, we can be there.

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